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Omar Ahmadzai

Omar Ahmadzai is a Mystic and Ayahuasquero who like many of us has spent a lifetime searching for the deeper meaning of existence. He is the Director of Speakers at the Universal TheoGnostic Society, an International Non-Proft Civil Society, and the Director of The Shamanic Healing Center located in Portalon, Costa Rica. He resides in Miami Beach FL and at our Center in Costa Rica.

He travels the world speaking on behalf of Humanity, Spirituality, and Ancient Mysticism including Shamanic “Tools of Divination” that include ancient meditation techniques and plant- based medicines that have been used by the Mystics and Sages of all ages. Omar’s book, “Journey In Spirit: The Art of Awakening” is being released in the summer of 2016.

Omar Ahmadzai is currently not instructing any classes.
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