A   S P A C E   F O R   P E R S O N A L   G R O W T H   A N D   T R A N S F O R M A T I O N

Dr. Ollga

Dr. Ollga Belova is a branding and business development coach who helps spiritually-minded entrepreneurs to charge and receive the top fees for their services by aligning their business identity with a Life Purpose for maximum meaning, wellbeing, and prosperity.
She holds Doctor of Psychology degree in Organizational Consulting from the
California School of Professional Psychology, MBA from the University of Oxford and a number of coaching certifications. In her work with clients she combines the traditional business concepts and tools with alternative modalities such as the Scientific Hand Analysis and Energy Medicine to enable her clients to realize their Life Purpose through their business.
As a Chief Learning Officer in a company of 100,000 employees and later as a business school educator to senior executives, she was faced with a paradox of corporate jobs – exceptional monetary rewards on the one hand and burnout and lack of meaning on the other. In pursuit of finding the answer to this dilemma, she came across Soul Psychology expressed in the Scientific Hand Analysis that addressed the very issue of meaning and satisfaction.
Today, having learned to decipher the “Soul Contract” recorded in the fingerprints, she’s developed a system that takes her clients step by step from the name of their Life Purpose to a lucrative market offer aligned to their Soul Agenda, delivering the very life that is meant for them.
Website: www.OllgaBelova.com

Dr. Ollga instructs the following:
  • The Sacred Contracts Decoded – The Roadmap to Your True Home - Workshop 2: Taming the Magic Dragons

  • Sacred Contracts Decoded – the Roadmap to your True Home Series

    “Just as her children had come of age, Celestial Mother prepared them to find their destiny in the faraway lands. She told each one about the purpose of their journey – to tame a Magic Dragon. As a reward, each one would choose a Castle to claim as their home, because the power of the Magic Dragons opened the gates to the Castles. The Dragons, the Castles, and the Lands became their Sacred Contract. To make sure that they could find their new homes, she coded all the details in the ancient alphabet she used for writing their Sacred Contracts. Then, as she kissed them goodbye, her cosmic breath imprinted the Sacred Contracts in their hands.

    Their journeys were long and difficult and by the time they had reached their destinations, many had forgotten how to decode their Sacred Contracts. Those who figured them out, found and tamed their Dragons and got to enjoy the satisfaction of being at home in their Castles. Those, who never did, were camping at the gates, near the Castle but never inside the Castle. Have you seen their tents? What if you are in one of them?”

    - The Second Story Ever Told


    Wed May 03, 2017 - Workshop 2: Taming the Magic Dragons

    In the second workshop you will learn the names of the ten Dragons, how to identify which one is yours to tame and how to collect its power, so that you get to ride the Dragon instead of the Dragon riding you.

    $45.00 in advance per person for each workshop

    $55.00 at door per person for each workshop

    $120 package in advance per person (includes: May 3rd & June 7th workshop plus your Personal Chart)**

    ** When $120 package is booked and paid for in advance, this will include workshop for May 3rd and June 7th, plus a bonus: “Dr. Ollga will decode your personal Sacred Contract and you will receive your own chart that holds all the details that you need to find your True Home”. ($97.00 value)

    Please Note: For those who purchase the $120 package, yet missed workshop 1, Dr. Ollga will give you a copy of presentation you missed and answer any questions!

    Upcoming workshops in this serie:

    - Wed June 07, 2017 - Workshop 3: Claiming Your Castle

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