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Matthew Kenney Culinary

Matthew Kenney Culinary Miami is the city’s first and only classically structured plant-based culinary academy and is an integral part of The Sacred Space Miami, aligning perfectly with the larger mission: combining health, education and community. Offering a state-of-the-art kitchen and dynamic course catalogue, students are given the means necessary to create inspired cuisine that is as beautiful on the plate as it is nourishing for the body. The inclusion of the academy on the The Sacred Space Miami campus offers students access to a progressive curriculum within a supportive wellness community, designed to encourage and advance students during their education. The inclusive admission philosophy at Matthew Kenney Culinary welcomes the novice home chef interested in bringing their families more nutrition as well as the more experienced professional chef who seeks to expand their repertoire and/or educate their restaurant audience.

Honoring seasonal, local produce gathered from market trips and visits to regional purveyors is in accordance with the essence of Matthew’s vision, encouraging the sustainable use of ingredients indigenous to any locale, mindful of carbon footprints and the continued support of local farmers. Matthew Kenney Culinary graduates gain the expertise to create healthy, aesthetically refined and flavorful raw and vegan cuisine. Skills such as knife proficiency, flavor and texture balancing, artful plating and the delicate craft of substitution are essential to the learning experience. This comprehensive instruction, taught at individualized workstations outfitted with cutting edge equipment, makes Matthew Kenney Culinary Miami a learning experience incomparable to any other the city has experienced.

In addition, students in the academy receive:
  • Professional plant-based restaurant exposure
  • The Matthew Kenney Culinary certificate and seal
  • Exclusive access to the Matthew Kenney alumni network

Recognized by Food & Wine magazine as one of the best cooking classes in the world, Matthew Kenney Culinary was founded in 2009 and has graduated students from over 30 countries. The Sacred Space is honored to bring Miami this sophisticated culinary approach under the expertise of one of the world’s most renowned plant-based chefs, Matthew Kenney.

Programs offered in Miami include:
  • Level I: Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine
  • Level II: Advanced Raw Cuisine
  • Level III: Professional Raw Applications
  • Culinary Nutrition
  • Weekend intensives
Additional programs and courses are always in development

Schedule: Weekend Workshops

January 21st / Fermented / 10am-2pm
January 22nd / Cheese / 10am-2pm
January 28th / Powered / 10am-1pm
January 29th / Cacao / 11am-4pm

February 4th / Dinner Demo / 6-8pm
February 5th / Raw / 11am-4pm
February 11th / Cacao. Cheese. Dessert / 11am-4pm
February 12th / Cacao. Cheese. Dessert / 11am-4pm
February 18th / Detox / 10am-1pm
February 19th / Cheese / 10am-2pm
February 25th / Bread / 10am-1pm
February 26th / Bread / 10am-1pm

MARCH 2017
March 4th / Dinner Demo / 6-8pm
March 5th / Raw / 11am-4pm
March 11th / Powered / 10am-1pm
March 12th / Fermented / 10am-2pm
March 18th / Express / 10am-1pm
March 19th / Cheese / 10am-2pm
March 25th / Dessert / 10am-1pm
March 26th / Cacao / 11am-4pm

APRIL 2017
April 1st /  Dinner Demo / 6-8pm
April 2nd / Raw / 11am-4pm
April 8th / Cacao. Cheese. Dessert / 11am-4pm
April 9th / Cacao. Cheese. Dessert / 11am-4pm
April 15th / Detox / 10am-1pm
April 16th / Holiday Easter Class / 11am-4pm
April 22nd / Cheese / 10am-2pm
April 23rd / Cacao / 11am-4pm
April 29th / Bread / 10am-1pm
April 30th / Bread / 10am-1pm

About Raw Holiday Meals:
Offered exclusively in November and December close to the Holiday season, recipes in these vegan cooking workshops are all raw and designed to be enjoyed by family & friends. Students prepare vegan eggnog, gingerbread cookies, holiday salads and entrees, dips and crackers and festive desserts. This course proves there’s no need to compromise flavor or health to celebrate the season.


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