A   S P A C E   F O R   P E R S O N A L   G R O W T H   A N D   T R A N S F O R M A T I O N


What lends a deep accessibility to The Sacred Space Miami and sets it apart from other leading national spiritual centers is its palpable personal vision. A true heart and soul venue forged by a group of friends whose individual transformative stories mirror that of The Sacred Space itself — a search for purpose, a tenacity in the face of adversity, a belief in interconnection and a return to an organic state of integrity. Comprised of two Miami natives and one long time transplant, the Sacred Leadership team are deeply in tune with the needs of the community because they are part of it. Individually and communally they sensed the need for a larger sacred meeting place, a place to bring everyone together to share in activities that reflected the powerful evolution and pulse of change that was occurring in their own lives and in their city.

KARLA DASCAL, Sacred Founder

“The power of us ~ this is my super power”

A dynamic creative force, Karla Dascal is a Miami native whose artistic vision and quest for elegance began in 1992. Karla first opened Roses by Karla Inc., which produced unique, architecturally inspired floral concepts for residences and businesses in South Florida. After developing a large following, Dascal went on to redefine special events with the creation of Karla Conceptual Event Experiences, one of the most celebrated full-service event planning and design production companies in the country. Recognized as leader in the industry, Biz Bash named Karla one of its top 35 event designers. And twenty years since Karla Events' inception, private and corporate clients continue to depend on Dascal for expertly crafted events and her signature conceptual approach to celebration.

Unfortunately her dazzling success began to take its toll and, in 2005, compounding health concerns caused Karla to seriously re-evaluate her priorities.  With characteristic boldness she faced the ultimate — a fear for her own life ~ as the spiritual challenge it was, and through tireless self-inquiry, study and a prophetic group of healers/teachers, she birthed the opportunity for the sacred in her life.

Conquering diabetes and obesity might have been enough for some. However for Karla, once the doors of liberation were open, there was no longer room for any other excuse or apology, no other path than living life to the fullest. The alignment that ensued of health, business, family and spirit inspired Karla deeply. Her mission became clear and the seeds of The Sacred Space Miami were sown.  

Encouraged at a young age with the vision and generosity that comes from being raised in a philanthropic family, Karla has long been active in many charities in Miami with her love of children and animals at the forefront.  She sits on many boards including The Guardian Angels at Jackson Memorial Hospital as well as The Humane Society of Miami. In addition she is a holistic living student of many mind-body-spirit modalities including the Aruyevedic tradition and Aromatherapy. She recently completed a 90 day Aquarian Sadhana commitment via Kundalini Yoga Miami.


“Family — a group experience of love and support” — Marianne Williamson

The Sacred Space Miami Team continues to grow as a family and community, with each member contributing their own spirit, special talents and unique perspectives. Together, we create a more powerful, inclusive vision.

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Wellness Events

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Events Manager

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Business Affairs

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Production Manager

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