A   S P A C E   F O R   P E R S O N A L   G R O W T H   A N D   T R A N S F O R M A T I O N


Gaze through the expansive floor to ceiling windows. Wander the lush Garden. Enjoy a delightful meal by the reflecting pool. Inhale the beauty of the urban oasis that is The Sacred Space Miami, and take in the deeper resonance behind its luxurious ambiance.

Each integral element has been thoughtfully designed to complement the others — many parts, one extraordinary whole. Everywhere is the call of home, an invitation to gather. Bring the kids, spend time with friends, meet colleagues or take a moment to breathe. It is a place to grow: a campus for learning as well as a sanctuary to play, work, relax, meditate, celebrate and dine. This is a living space, a sacred space to live.
Designed by Rene Gonzalez, The Sacred Space embodies pure relaxation and invigoration with its modern open floor plan. Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Gonzalez has emerged as one of the city’s most influential architects, and has been with The Sacred Space Miami project from the original build through its expansion. The building has already been recognized with an AIA award. Plant Food + Wine Miami will be Gonzalez’s first restaurant.

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